Changing Lives Together.

Because of your generosity, we are building a boarding house so these students at Kikongo Primary, most of whom are orphaned, won’t have to walk 6+hours per day to their school.

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We are fully funded!

Thanks to your generosity, together we raised over $68,000 of our $45,000 goal. 100% of what was given will be used to bless Uganda. Here are the plans for the full amount of funds given:


Construction and furnishing of a brand new boarding house with solar power and 200 beds.


Addition of solar pump to bring clean water from Lake Victoria to the school grounds.


Seed money for the start of a sponsorship program for the students at Kikongo Primary School. We will be forming a long-term relationship with the school to support these children and continue to bring them hope for years to come!

Meet Kenneth.

Kenneth wakes up at 4 am and is on the road walking by 5. It takes him three and a half hours to reach Kikongo, where he studies and hopes to one day be a doctor. At the end of the day he walks home, unless a friend can take him on a bicycle. When he first started attending the school at the beginning of this year, he found the seven hour round trip journey to be difficult, but now it is simply a part of life. Kenneth, a believer in Christ, knows that he is blessed to have a school to walk to at all.

Kenneth is not alone.

He is one of the vast majority of orphans at Kikongo Primary School who walk over 10 miles (one way) to go to school. 200 of the 246 children have lost one or both parents. Their dream is to be able to have a boarding house where they can stay during the school year.

We are bringing them hope.

The new boarding houses will accommodate 200 children, reducing their 3 hour morning and evening hike to a 15-second stroll. On-campus housing means 3 nourishing meals a day, a luxury for most. It means a warm bed, instead of a thin mat on the floor. It means relief to parents and caregivers who struggle every day to fill hungry bellies with food. It means more energy for eager little minds. It will generate income for the school, further increasing the chances of keeping the doors open for years to come.

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